Houston Housing Market Booms as Region pulls out of Bust

May 2017


Houston Chron reports The big thing standing between Kurt Shelor and his dream of moving back home to Illinois is the two-story brick house he and his wife need to unload in their Houston suburb.

So when Shelor and his wife, Mary Jo, decided to sell their four-bedroom, three-bath house - typical fare for Copper Village and other local neighborhoods - they lined up contractors and did a deep dive into local sales rates, inventory and price trends.

"I analyze numbers to death," said Shelor, who recently left his longtime job as an energy trader to move closer to family and start his own bakery. "Before we even sat down with a Realtor I had forecasted what I thought we were going to list it at."

The couple just put up the for-sale sign, confident they could have a contract in as few as 14 days. Their optimism may be well-founded.