McAlister Investment Real Estate

Integrity is Our Standard.

McAlister Investment Real Estate is a boutique, private equity real estate acquisitions firm with an investor based consisting of high net worth individuals, pensions, institutions, endowments, and university and private funds. Guided by our proven approach and trusted expertise, McAlister Investment acquires investment properties, purchases securitized notes, infuses capital, joint venture with developers or responds to discounted value opportunities. Our focus is on undeveloped or developing land parcels, primarily single-family lot developments and undervalued multi-use land parcels maturing for development within three to five years. Geographic targets will vary with opportunities, but generally will include properties in major cities in the Southwest, Southeast, and Mountain states. 

At McAlister Investment, integrity is more than a goal or moral guidepost, it's an unbending standard for how we conduct business. It is this standard, paired with our commitment to clear and consistent communication with our investors, that has earned us a track record of investment and development activites that have produced superior returns compared to other real estate investments.

Company History

Jim McAlister, Sr. co-founded McAlister Investment with Hydie McAlister in 2008 after working as a founding partner at McAlister Company since 1973. McAlister Investment's strategy over the years has been to acquire land parcels in the path of both single-family and multi-family residential, retail and mixed use commercial growth. In 2003 McAlister family of companies began forming discretionary funds to acquire multiple investment properties in order to achieve the benefits of diversification and cash flow to investors. The McAlister Opportunity Fund 2014 is the eighth in a series of discretionary real estate funds formed by the McAlister family of companies. 

The value of land transactions associated with McAlister Investment partnerships and Funds total over $1 billion. The company's principals have an impressive history of performance and partnerships that span 40+ years of economic cycles, reinforcing their time-tested strategy of diversification and utilizing land as a tactical asset allocation.



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Our Team shares a vision of success

The McAlister Investment management team has an impressive history of performance in real estate investment, development and operations.