Investment Approach

Investment Criteria

McAlister Investment's land investments will be in areas of active growth, directly in the path of development activity, and mature enough for development within a three to five year time frame.  Land investments will primarily focus on high quality residential and retail tracts in need of capital infusion.  Following acquisition of undeveloped parcels and development projects, the investment opportunity will strive to enhance the value of the tracts through the formation of utility districts, drainage plans, flood plain / wetlands mitigation, access improvement and overall site planning. 

The investments will also target notes, JV opportunities, GP sponsor equity positions and other structures on a case by case basis.

Preferred Profile

Well-located value-added opportunities which may include components of new development, redevelopment and/or re-leasing


Southeast, southwest, and mountain states are the major focus with other markets considered, especially for student housing assets

Transaction Size

Land acquisition will range between $1 million to $10 million.

Capital Structure

All land acquisitions will be cash purchases. No leverage.

Broker Relationships

McAlister will provide fee protection to brokers that bring off-market transactions to the firm and will give first priority for the re-sale, leasing and management services of brokerage firms that procure transactions for the firm.

These are general investment parameters.  If you have a transaction that you think merits our attention, please contact us.

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The Opportunity

The lack of liquidity in the market, combined with continuing loan maturities, has created the "perfect storm" in many real estate markets in the United States.